Executive Benefits



Executive Benefits


Small business owners are laser focused on running and growing their businesses and, at some point, the owners are looking to transfer the business to a new generation or owner. In many cases this motivation is not conducive for executive benefits planning, yet executive benefits are required to help the owner grow or pass on the business.

We are relentless in our belief that owners need executive planning. Proper planning and benefits help attract and retain the top talent you need to partner with to grow. In a tightening job market, you need a package that sets you apart from your competition. A package that says, “I can grow with this firm.” We help you build the package.

Perhaps the most important function of executive benefit planning is to protect your business in the event of a disaster created by death or disability. This is critical with equity partners. We ask you a few simple but powerful questions. Do you want to run your business with your partner’s spouse? How long can you afford to keep supporting the family of a missing partner and at the same time pay for their replacement? The answers are usually, “no” and “not long.” We will not let you become part of the statistic of those who lost their business or have compromised how it is run because you did not plan for a disaster. The “business” is the business owner’s biggest asset. Plan accordingly.


Key employee life insurance* 

Executive Individual disability insurance (ID)* 

Deferred compensation 

Buy and sell agreement funding 

Executive bonus plans  

Business continuation/succession planning* 

Corporate owned life insurance (COLI)*